Tray Sealing and Forming Machines

Get Performance and Flexibility from G. Mondini Tray Seal Machines

Our G. Mondini® tray sealing and forming machines – such as our Trave with integrated Platformer technology – provide powerful performance and flexibility across various applications, from snack packs to fresh or frozen prepared meals, meat and cheese, and beyond. Our tray sealers are manufactured with the most advanced capabilities for denesting, conveyance, filling, sealing, and secondary case packing, along with full product-to-pallet automation integration, standard, and their equipment options include 100% Allen Bradley-integrated controls architecture. 


Top producers are always looking for more efficient, innovative ways to develop and implement high-speed, high-performance packaging lines that can adapt to changing consumer trends and meet their packaging demands. At Harpak-ULMA, we meet those needs by offering our customers a robust line of automatic, high-output tray sealing and forming machine solutions.  


Combined with our outstanding expertise and service options, our tray sealing and forming machines are designed for a single purpose: to help our customers save more space, time, energy, and resources every step of the way. 

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Tray Sealing Options and Applications

Trave Tray Sealer

G. Mondini Tray Sealers

The Trave is a groundbreaking innovation in the range of G. Mondini tray sealers. These advanced machines can produce multiple packaging formats on a single tray sealer through a simple tool change. The Trave also features the patented integrated G. Mondini “Platform Technology,” giving producers the flexibility and technology to meet changing consumer demands in a single investment. With the new compact Cigno tray sealer, we have an option to suit any need.

Tray Seal Machinery

G. Mondini Platformer -
Tray Forming

The packaging world has always been divided between the large-scale value of thermoforming and the higher-quality tray production and greater flexibility of tray sealing machine lines. Now, with the advent of G. Mondini Platformer technology from Harpak-ULMA, the days of having to choose and sacrifice are over. 

Salmon Tray Seal Packaging

Tray Seal Packaging Applications

Tray sealers have the ability to apply plastic film lids to trays of varying sizes, materials, and depths. It is because of this versatility that tray sealing makes the perfect solution for a wide spectrum of packaging applications, including fresh produce, meat, frozen and ready-made meals, and so much more. 

Cracker Cut Cheese Packaging

C-PAK Packaging

C-PAK is an innovative, proprietary, resealable package system specifically manufactured to maintain freshness and optimize marketability. This two-step system includes our newest high-speed tray sealing solutions combined with an innovative reclosable packaging method. A rigid tray is loaded with product – cheese, snacks, candies, etc. – MAP is introduced if necessary, sealing below the flange occurs, and finally, a “snap-in” lid finishes the tray. 

PaperSeal® Multi-compartment Snack Tray


PaperSeal® replaces MAP and Vacuum skin plastic trays with barrier-lined cardboard. The process operates by fabricating a MAP tray from a pre-cut flat cardboard, which is formed and a barrier liner automatically applied in one step process. The system is based on the same benefit stream as Thermosealer® technology where the fabricating of trays is conducted directly before the tray sealing process.

Vision Inspection System

Vision Inspection System

The vision system is an integrable or stand-alone module  perfectly compatible with your existing lines. It increases skin pack product compliance and reduces labor through artifi cial intelligence. This machine performs non-destructive inspection at high throughput via deep learning algorithms that allow qualitative inspections at high speed, accuracy and reliability. Our stand-alone unit is designed for non-destructive skin pack inspection – ensuring final pack integrity and delivering full product compliance.


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