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Find the Right Packaging Equipment for Your Food Product

As your single-source provider of fully automated, product to pallet, food packaging machine lines, we offer leading technologies you want to take your production operations further. 

Precision, quality, and productivity are essential. Modern producers need viable solutions for their product-to-pallet packaging that address sanitation, sustainability, labor, staff retention and training, parts and maintenance, and efficient production and throughput.


At Harpak-ULMA, our top-of-the-line food packaging equipment includes flow wrapper, thermoform, tray seal, vacuum pack and stretch overwrap systems, available Rockwell Automation parts and controls on most lines. We’ll help to exceed your expectations in modern production and provide the capabilities you need for premier food production.


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Meat & Plant-based Protein Packaging

Our meat packaging machines are ideal for ready-to-eat, fresh, and frozen product. Our broad range of protein-based packaging options includes thermoformers, tray sealers, flow wrappers, vertical baggers, and stretch machines, and more. Additionally, we work with all the latest packaging innovations such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), vacuum and skin packaging, stretch seal, Darfresh® on Tray, and others to ensure hygienic, top-quality meat packaging when it matters most. 


Poultry Packaging

Poultry requires extra care to maintain impeccable safety and hygiene standards while guaranteeing freshness and extended shelf life. As poultry specialists, Harpak-ULMA offers top automated solutions – including stretch film wrapping, Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS), thermoforming, tray sealing, and Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) – to ensure top-quality products for the most discerning producers.

Seafood Packaging

Fish & Seafood Packaging

Seafood packaging must not only provide the highest levels of freshness for consumers but also maintain correct portion size and accommodate lengthy travel times. With fish and seafood packaging from Harpak-ULMA, you can be confident you have the industry’s top filling and packing technology maintaining the rigorous standards you need.

Cheese Packaging

Cheese & Dairy Packaging

There are almost as many ways to package and ship cheese as there are types of cheese on the market. By partnering with Harpak-ULMA, you can find the right food packaging machine for your operation. Whether that is shrink wrap, Vertical Flow Pack (VFFS), Horizontal Flow Pack (HFFS), Tray Seal or Thermoforming, we can deliver the sliced, grated, spreadable cheese product your customers trust.

Produce Packaging

Produce Packaging

Modern produce packaging focuses on extending the conservation and freshness of each fruit or vegetable product. Harpak-ULMA’s advanced machinery provides convenient, sustainable, leak-proof packaging that guarantees longer shelf-life and reduced waste overall.

Bakery Packaging

Bakery & Confectionery Packaging

From single-serving baked goods to high-speed industrial production, our company supplies the innovative packaging materials needed for today’s modern baker. Our automated, smart connected technology combines with the latest advances in MAP and attractive product marketing to offer your customers the oven-fresh experience they’ve come to expect.  

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Snack Packaging

Snacks have changed. Consumers now want a filling, fresh product they can eat on the go that is as good for the planet as it is for them. At Harpak-ULMA, we provide cutting-edge snack packaging technology to accommodate bite-sized consumables of all sizes in diverse, attractive packaging.

Ready Meals Packaging

Ready Meals Packaging

Ready meals make the perfect companion for hardworking students, busy parents, or professionals on the go. With advanced tray forming, tray sealing, flow pack, and thermoforming machinery from Harpak-ULMA, you have the automated packaging solutions to ensure filling, ready-to-eat, nutritious products for every type of consumer.

Pet Food

Pet Food Packaging

Feeding your customers’ four-legged friends anything less than fresh, delicious entrees just won’t do. That is why we here at Harpak-ULMA are constantly acquiring the most reliable, advanced, hygienic pet food packaging machinery from the best global brands. We know how important they are, so we match owners’ care with packaging equipment solutions that make all the difference.

Why Choose Harpak-ULMA for Your Food Packaging?

Harpak-ULMA delivers optimized packaging options to improve production quality, efficiency, and sustainability. From entry-level to high-speed, high-volume production, we supply food-based operations with the automated and semi-automated solutions necessary to meet and exceed consumer demand. These solutions can include tray sealing and forming, skin pack, thermoforming, blister pack, horizontal and vertical flow wrap, stretch seal, shrink and overwrap, and so much more.
By integrating our solutions into your line, you can help alleviate and improve issues such as sanitation, labor costs, line flexibility, and operating efficiency. Our food packaging solutions are proven to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improve quality, and optimize long-term packaging sustainability across a wide range of applications. We assist with everything from package design and materials to increased production demands and longer shelf life for any customized need.
In the food packaging industry, one safety recall for your product can tarnish your reputation and cost your business millions. Avoid that kind of commercial calamity and talk to the experts at Harpak-ULMA for the top-rated food packaging equipment and machinery you want. Let us be your single source for optimized efficiency, quality, and production from product to pallet.