Bakery Packaging Machines

Solutions for Bakery and Confectionery Packaging

The diversity of products, formats and presentations for the bakery segment call for flexible and efficient individual and multipack product packaging solutions. Snack cakes, pastry,  bread, pizza, wraps, buns, biscuits, crackers and wafers, snack bars, energy bars and sweets.


Some items require packs that allow a part of the contents to be consumed while leaving the rest for later. For these applications we have re-closable and easy-opening designs. Fermented products like bread require packaging solutions that contribute to their preservation with packages that safeguard freshness and humidity.


Whether its flow-wrapping, thermoforming, or tray sealing, we have a bakery solution to suit any packaging need. Our offerings range from manual loading machines to systems featuring integrated automatic sorting and loading, secondary packaging, case packing, tote management, all the way through to palletization.

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Bakery Packaging Applications

Chocolate Bars in Flow Wrap Packaging

Energy, Protein
& Snack Bars

Lady Finger Cookies in Flow Wrap Packaging

Biscuits, Cookies
& Crackers

Hamburger Buns in Flow Wrap Packaging


Caramel-filled Chocolates Packaged on Vertical Bagging Machine

& Candy

Chocolate-filled Croissants in Flow Wrap Packaging


Mini Muffins Packaged on Vertical Bagging Machine


Group of Pastries in Flow Wrap Packaging


Tortillas Packaged in Flow Wrap Packaging with Reclosable Side Seal

Pizzas, Wraps
& Tortillas


Thermoformed Brownies and Cream in Multi Compartment Package

Sweet Baked Goods

Bakery Packaging Machines

Flow Wrapping

Flow Wrapping is ideal for both food and non-food products, offering resealable options as well as MAP to prolong shelf life.

Flow Wrapping

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Thermoforming creates a horizontal form, fill, and seal from roll stock, with the ability to do MAP, vacuum and skin applications.


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Full-Line Automation

Primary packaging, secondary packaging, palletizing, stretch wrapping, robotics and centralized line control.

Product to Pallet Automation

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Vertical Bagging

Vertical bagging machines use a single film coil to create a package with three weldings, ideal for loose or granulated products.

Vertical Bagging

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Bakery Packaging Videos

Complete product to pallet automated bakery packaging machine lines

Chocolate-filled croissants individually packaged on ULMA flow wrapping machine

Cookies packaged on ULMA flow wrapping machine

Group of muffins packaged on ULMA flow wrapping machine

Groups of pastries packaged on ULMA flow wrapping machine

Sandwich cookies packaged on ULMA flow wrapping machine

Tortillas packaged on ULMA flow wrapping machine using side seal technology and a reclosable flap

Donuts packaged on ULMA TFS thermoforming machine

Individually wrapped muffins packaged in groups on ULMA vertical bagging machine