Quality Control Solutions: Vision Systems, Metal Detectors, and More

Increase operational productivity & efficiency with advanced packaging Quality Control

At Harpak-ULMA, we bring over three decades of expertise in vision technology and packaging machinery, delivering state-of-the-art solutions that make a real impact in the packaging industry.


Our vision systems are meticulously designed to enhance production efficiency, ensure compliance, and provide reliable, intuitive, and efficient inspection processes for a diverse range of packaging applications. We also offer high-speed metal detector/rejection systems designed to identify and eliminate defects, inconsistencies, and foreign contaminants that may infiltrate your primary or secondary packaging.


As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of complete packaging solutions, Harpak-ULMA is here to help you improve profitability and production performance with our robust packaging quality control systems. Reputed for their reliability, affordability, and ease of use, these solutions are guaranteed to increase profits by identifying and reducing errors.


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Vision Inspection Systems

Ensure Compliance

Achieve unparalleled compliance by inspecting every product inline and freeing manual labor from complex inspection tasks. Our precise, dependable solutions utilize proven technology to guarantee and document the quality of each product produced, ensuring your operations meet the highest standards.


Optimize Production
Automate and digitize your inspection processes to gain valuable insights into production performance. Leveraging detailed production statistics and actionable recommendations, you can fine-tune process parameters to boost efficiency and overall output.


Reduce Costs
Machine vision technology offers significant cost savings. Reliable inspections prevent recalls and failures, while early detection through 100% QC and root cause analysis tools reduce waste, rework, and downtime. Additionally, automating the inspection process cuts down on quality control expenses, delivering substantial long-term savings!

Vision Inspection System

For Tray Sealed Packages

The vision system is an integrable or stand-alone module  perfectly compatible with your existing lines. It increases skin pack product compliance and reduces labor through artifi cial intelligence. This machine performs non-destructive inspection at high throughput via deep learning algorithms that allow qualitative inspections at high speed, accuracy and reliability. Our stand-alone unit is designed for non-destructive skin pack inspection – ensuring final pack integrity and delivering full product compliance.

Standalone - Standard

For Thermoformed Packages

ULMA Vision vision inspection systems are developed to perform reliable, efficient package quality control for thermoformed food and medical devices, whether inline or as a standalone inspection unit. ULMA Vision can provide film inspection, print inspection and bar code inspection, and ensure compliance with intuitive software and documentation.

Metal Detectors​

Metal detectors help to improve your product’s uniformity and quality. If there are defects, inconsistencies, or foreign agents that have infiltrated your primary or secondary packaging, these machines will both detect and reject flawed product to ensure safety and consumer satisfaction. At Harpak-ULMA, our automatic, high-speed metal detector/rejection systems offer the trusted reliability and ease of use you need, contained within an all-in-one system.


Government agencies, such as The Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures, apply strict regulations and industry standards on product packaging in the U.S. As a packager or processor, compliance with these standards is paramount. Violating them could mean penalties, production interruptions, and loss of revenue for your business. Industrial metal detectors can alleviate these concerns and play a pivotal role in your quality assurance.


Harpak-ULMA offers highly sensitive detection machinery that combines both metal detection and rejection equipment, all in one versatile unit. Highly attuned to the products within your supply chain, our detection machinery enables you to identify product issues quickly, avoid contamination for your entire packaging and production process, and achieve optimal technical performance to build an essential, effective inspection program.

Benefits of Metal Detectors

Intelligent Detection: This unit has advanced features such as reject confirmation, bin-full and low-air detection to ensure pack rejection. Other features include simple on/off toggling for metal detector, reset of rejector, and reject confirmation check – all operated and protected by key lock.


Integrated Metal Detection Head: The metal detection head is fully integrated with the rejector, providing easy setup. 


Push Arm Rejection: The push-arm type rejection offers a high-speed, accurate, reliable method to reject a wide range of packs. 


Rejector Security: The rejector has an enclosed top guard with an interlocking and lockable bin. The high-level warning light system ensures any visual alarm is seen. An audible alarm is also present.


Stainless Steel Construction: The stainless-steel tubular frame construction ensures a high-quality, durable, strong structure.

Why Integrate Metal Detection/
Rejection Equipment into Your Packaging Line?

In both food and non-food packaging, preserving your company’s reputation is everything. One investment in metal detector/rejector technology prevents safety recalls that could be hazardous to your customers’ health and the health of your business. Metal detection and defective product rejection are now an integral part of any modern packaging line. The relatively inexpensive cost of this equipment can go a long way in establishing trust for your brand and save you more over time.