Stretch, Overwrapping, & Other Packaging Formats

Top-Tier Packaging Options for
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As a leader in packaging machinery in North America, Harpak-ULMA offers the widest range of ideal solutions for food and non-food products. Whether your production demands require stretch/tray overwrapping, shrink, stretch shrink machinery, or something different, Harpak-ULMA has the resources and 50+ years of expertise to procure the packaging equipment necessary to improve efficiencies and lower costs at every level. We understand the need for versatility, speed, precision, and sustainability and offer unmatched equipment solutions for various facilities, including open and space-contained environments. Harpak-ULMA equipment benefits your production line while optimizing attractive packaging, extending shelf life, and keeping items fresh and ready for use.    

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Stretch Wrapped Produce

Stretch/Tray Overwrap Packaging

Designed with and for our customers in the food industry, Harpak-ULMA’s stretch and tray overwrapping equipment is instrumental in wrapping, covering, and securing a wide range of perishable food-based products, including meat and poultry, seafood, cheese, produce, and other items. Our equipment incorporates clear and printed stretch film and tray overwrapping for custom aesthetics and provides additional benefits such as reduced packaging costs, extended shelf life, and unparalleled freshness.


ULMA’s stretch film packaging machinery – such as our GALAXY model – has been specially designed to exceed the high-production packaging needs for fresh foods for customers across the globe. High performance, easy to operate, and even easier to maintain, our stretch film equipment has the versatility and reliability to economically wrap a wider range of trayed products at improved rates without sacrificing enhanced appearance. Featuring robust mechanical strength, state-of-the art electronics, and digital interface, it has quickly become the stretch film machinery of choice for mid and high-capacity central packaging facilities across myriad industries.  

stretch overwrap chicken

Stretch/Shrink Packaging

Specifically engineered for the meat, poultry, and fresh food segment, our advanced stretch-shrink equipment can economically wrap a broader range of trayed products without compromising enhanced appearance. Stretch film packaging offers producers the ability to cost-effectively package a wide variety of product sizes with ultra-reliable, user-friendly machine operation, streamlined sanitization and cleaning processes, and a reduced cost of ownership overall.


Stretch-shrink wrapping machinery – such as Harpak-ULMA’s FS 400 – reliably produces packages through a belt system that stretches film and forms a tight bag around trayed products. A vacuum system then evacuates air from the pack before the seals are created, eliminating the need for holes in the pack during the shrinking process. The narrow longitudinal trim seal on the bottom of the pack allows for printing on both the top and the bottom of the package. The result is a tightly wrapped, leak-resistant, case-ready package with a superb aesthetic appearance.  


With a cantilever design, stainless steel construction, two belt indexing conveyors, and access to wash the entire infeed frame, our stretch-shrink equipment is in a class of its own for sanitary stretch-shrink wrapping.  With Allen Bradley Controls from Rockwell Automation available, you can reduce downtime, improve your Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and better utilize your assets. It all adds up to more productivity and a reduced cost of ownership.  

TR 300 Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnels

Our TR model, fixed-top cover, shrink tunnels are the ideal packaging option when shrinking film around products previously packed inside sealers, sleeve wrappers, flow pack wrappers, overlap wrappers, or any other shrink-packaging machines. Designed specifically for high-speed shrink film Flow Pack (HFFS) applications, Harpak-ULMA shrink tunnels are equipped with silicon roller transport conveyors capable of running at variable speeds. Four dual airflow shrinking stations utilize hot air to form an airtight seal and preserve and protect the products within to guarantee freshness, even after transit. These high-efficiency, high-calorific power, low-energy consumption, low heat loss models are available in different dimensions and customized performance levels.

Master Bag

Master Bag

Case-ready meat needs to arrive with the best possible shelf-life intact. PVC over-wrapped trays provide that “butcher shop” look, but since PVC is a breathable film, shelf life is not maintained on its own. Our master bag machines are ideal for your case ready application. The systems can group trays and automatically load them into a Modified Atmosphere pack with maximum product shelf life until they are put out for purchase. Labor costs are cut, with the capability of increasing the throughput of packages per minute.