Packaging Solutions for Non-Food Products

When you think of “flexible packaging,” what comes to mind? Generally, it is the various types of food and drink packaging we find in supermarkets and convenience stores across the country. However, the truth is that not all packaging is for food and drinks. Non-food product packaging plays an equally important role in the industry. From personal hygiene and household items to automotive components and chemicals, you can find flexible, versatile, dynamic non-food packaging for a myriad of products almost anywhere you look.


At Harpak-ULMA, our experts put our resources to work for modern packagers and producers in the non-food sector to provide the complete packaging solutions necessary to improve operations and stand out. With proven systems across the medical, automotive, and industrial packaging fields – including tray sealers, thermoformers, flow pack machines (HFFS), Vertical Form Fill Sealers (VFFS), and others – we have the capabilities to automate your entire production line. Our packaging systems can help you meet almost overwhelming consumer demand and fine-tune your production processes for better efficiency and results.

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Non-Food Packaging Applications

What Can Harpak-ULMA Do for My Non-Food Packaging?


Brand Differentiation

Our broad range of flexible packaging options gives your brand unique designs, extended shelf life, and increased production efficiency. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the packaging industry, Harpak-ULMA offers access to market-shaping innovations to boost your brand awareness with improved packaging graphics and more advanced packaging capabilities. Together, we can analyze your operations, pinpoint your customers’ unmet packaging needs, and create a versatile, easy-to-use product they can’t live without.

Sustainable Packaging

Focus on Sustainability

Consumer demand for a lower carbon footprint and environmental impact has changed dramatically over the last decade. Your brand can now stand out and promote eco-responsibility by integrating Harpak-ULMA’s sustainable films, pap-based packaging products, and G. Mondini’s Zero technology. Compared to traditional, rigid forms of packaging, our solutions are proven to reduce greenhouse gases, packaging scrap and waste, and overall energy used in production.

Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Production & Operations

Integrating our flexible packaging solutions can streamline production, improve overall efficiency, and give you better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) over the lifetime of your system. These enhancements help reduce costs throughout your entire supply chain, giving you better product yields and maximizing profits year over year.

Store Shelves

Consumer-Friendly Options

Our packaging options are packed with consumer-friendly features your customers will love. Convenient, ergonomic designs, attractive packaging aesthetics, die-cut windows, easy-open flow wrapper, resealable vertical pouches, trays on the go – Harpak-ULMA remains steadfast and focused on providing clean, eco-conscious, flexible packaging that protects and preserves product and delivers optimized end-use consumers expect from the best.

Automotive Parts

Automotive Packaging

Packagers in the automotive industry rely on flexible, safe primary and secondary packaging as well as palletizing for their industry needs. Whether integrating L-Sealers, shrink wrap, or automated shrink tunnels for their diverse range of products, few other non-food industries benefit as much from Harpak-ULMA’s full cadre of modern packaging solutions.
Some products require protective packaging due to their various configurations and protrusions. Others call for high-speed, high-volume retail-based packaging for store shelves and commercial needs. Regardless of the requirements, our company takes the time to analyze our clients’ production capabilities and streamline operations where possible for better efficiency, throughput, overall production.

The non-food product market presents an enormous opportunity for your brand to stand out. As one of the leading complete packaging solutions providers in North America, we have the capabilities, suppliers, expertise, and automated systems to help you do it. Contact us about your unique non-food packaging needs and let us help you create a dynamic brand name consumers know and trust.