G. Mondini Platformer Trayforming Machinery

G. Mondini Platformer Technology

The packaging world has always been divided between the large-scale value of thermoforming and the higher-quality tray production and greater flexibility of tray sealing machine lines. Now, with the advent of G. Mondini Platformer technology from Harpak-ULMA, the days of having to choose and sacrifice are over.  


The Platformer is revolutionizing the concept of tray forming, transforming packing lines with sophisticated thermosealing technology, incorporated in one process, offering the best of both worlds. When combined with G. Mondini Trave machinery, trays are formed on-demand and in-line from a custom plastic film reel then sealed according to production need. Platformer technology automates the cutting, forming, lip forming, filling, and tray sealing process in one centralized location and produces trays of outstanding quality for various applications in both the food and non-food industries.  

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Multi-Compartment Snack Tray Packaging

Why Integrate Platformer Technology?

Innovative Platformer technology makes security, performance, and flexibility an integral part of its cost-effective, leading-edge packaging concepts. Hyper-focused on sustainability and minimal waste, it cuts the tray footprint before the forming process occurs, reducing the scrap to just 2% and preparing it for recycling. Additionally, tray format change over time is less than 10 minutes, with only two components needing to be changed. This feature minimizes the cost to a fraction of a standard thermoformer and provides production longevity. Depending on market conditions, customer demands, and needs of your business, as a processor, you will have total flexibility to choose whichever solution is most beneficial for your packaging process and budget at the time. 

The Tangible Packaging Benefits of the G. Mondini Platformer & Trave Tray Sealer ​

Combined, the G. Mondini Trave and Platformer deliver the ultimate packaging line set up to drive down costs and give you the extended pack tiering you want. Simple, fast, and user-friendly, Trave and Platformer machinery not only has the capabilities to increase productivity and create a more streamlined packaging process but offers additional advantages – both structural and operational – that can benefit your production and bottom line.

Features and Benefits of the Platformer

  • Plastic Film Reel Feeding System: 350-700 mic film gauge trays are formed to an exact width from a jumbo reel feeding system for extended production capabilities and greater production range.
  • Perfect Cutting Automation: The expertly calibrated male/female cutting system creates ideal, customized trays without sharp edges, corners, or other irregularities. With the Platformer, you can always count on greater reliability, robustness, and production results. 
     Reduced Waste/Improved Sustainability: Platformer is perfectly designed to use just the right amount of plastic for the task, reducing waste to only 2%, and dramatically lowering cost and environmental impact. Film scrap is also safely collected for recycling.
    Single and Dual Lane Conveyance Capabilities: Pre-formed platens can be formed from pre-determined dimensions and cutting contours on single or dual lane feeding conveyors for easier handling and stacking. Also, vacuum transfer plates keep platens perfectly flat for impeccable forming, while the infeed smart belt system and servo drive pusher arms create perfect alignment and smooth continuous transfer of trays.   
Optimized Forming & Tray Quality: The combined high-pressure vacuum forming adds perfect definition to trays and eliminates weak spots. Multiple heater rotator face drums allow for ideal heat distribution without compromising throughput, and the advanced lip form technology creates enhanced rigidity and quality perceptions. Trays can be customized for single or multi-compartment design and offer the perfect seal profile for safe, secure, aesthetically pleasing packaging.  
30 Million Tray Annual Capacity:  
With its mechanical seal generator system, screw lifting system, and high-speed production characteristics, the G. Mondini Platformer blends seamlessly with the Trave and provides an annual production capacity of 30 million trays.