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It’s Time for Change In Mass-Produced Poultry Packaging

Consumers say sustainability, not Styrofoam, should be poultry packaging’s new status quo Packaging for mass-produced poultry has not seen significant change in over 30 years. For more than three decades, many of the top producers in the nation have relied on overwrapped polystyrene foam trays to preserve food and transport goods to market. These non-recyclable…


(VIDEO) ULMA Flow Pack – Chevron Seal – Surgical Kit

Harpak-ULMA has introduced a flow-pack solution capable of applying a chevron seal for medical packaging. Incorporating a chevron seal and peelable side seals dramatically improve aseptic presentation, the most important limitation of using flow-wrapping for medical devices. Modern medical device packaging benefits from the evolving variety of packaging and sterilization concepts. The preferred solution is…