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Standing Alone in a Modern Cheese Market: A How-To Packaging Guide

It’s safe to say Americans have a healthy obsession with cheese.  Our love for cheese has sliced out a significant portion of the national consumer food market – with the average customer consuming more than 40 lbs. of the stuff per year and adding to a current cheese market valuation of $34.4 billion. Fittingly, modern…


Sustainability Takes the Wheel as Top Cheese Packaging Trend in 2024

The New Year is bringing new changes to cheese packaging. As the sector continues to see dramatic shifts in market trends brought on by new consumer buying behavior, producers are quickly aligning themselves with essential fresh drivers that are beginning to take shape. Production automation, improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and cost savings continue to…


Fresh Tech: How Tight-Chicken™ on VFFS Is Revolutionizing Poultry Packaging

In 2022, poultry sales in the U.S. reached $30 billion. Of that impresive inventory, 168 million units were whole chickens and 216 million were turkeys. Almost all of them were packaged by hand. Much like traditional tortilla packaging, workers in years past laboriously stuffed product into premade bags using handbag loaders with clipping systems for…