[WEBINAR] 4 Considerations for Building a More Proactive Parts Strategy for Your Packaging Line

By Harpak-ULMA
Posted In : downtime, Customer Service, spare parts, reduce downtime

When you’re purchasing a new packaging machine you probably have a clear strategy in place for how that machine is going to be used on your line, but do you know how that strategy will correlate to your parts and service needs in the future?

The last thing you need when adopting a new piece of machinery is surprises that can cause downtime. 

Join Harpak-ULMA’s customer service experts, Ron Hartwig and Randy Goneau, as they explore key, upfront considerations for your packaging strategy to mitigate parts and service headaches down the road. 

You’ll walk away from this webinar knowing:

  • How your unique packaging strategy will impact your spare parts needs
  • The different categories of spare parts and how they differ
  • An equipment vendor’s tips for preparing for spare parts needs

View this informative webinar from industry experts to help you avoid potential downtime in the future.

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