Case Study - Fleury Michon America

Fleury Michon Experiences 100% Increase in Productivity with Harpak-ULMA Packaging


Ready Meals Media Manufacturer

Rigaud, QC, Canada

Outdated Equipment Produces Inefficient Packaging

Fleury Michon America is the flagship North American processing facility for French agri-food giant Fleury Michon SA. They are responsible for preparing and packaging millions of sealed ready meals for national and international food service providers from their facilities in Quebec, Canada.


Fleury Michon America packaged ready-meal products using outdated tray sealing and forming equipment, which had been in production for over two decades. Due to its advanced age, the equipment experienced significant lapses in efficiency and output, and increased downtimes. It offered no opportunities for modern automation integration to match their increased output goals and created problematic production disconnects between their various packaging stages, their manual labor force, and existing system automation.


As a result, Fleury Michon America sought to streamline and modernize their production line with an updated, more compatible packaging system. This upgrade would allow them to achieve improved efficiency and labor savings, as well as establish cost-effective maintenance processes and component acquisition from a single-source North American supplier.

Mondini Makes the Most of Fleury Michon's Packaging Operations

Fleury Michon America implemented a modern G. Mondini Trave tray sealing system to improve capacity and throughput at every production stage. With the new equipment in place, complete with custom tooling options and updated standard operating procedures, Fleury Michon America now had the packaging capabilities to produce a more diverse range of SKUs to match its increasing demand.


Fleury Michon America’s new system also allows them to complete simplified tooling changeovers during live single and dual lane production and integrate advanced automation for enhanced efficiency. With these new capabilities, they could achieve a world-class Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) rating of 85% or better for their full packaging line and operations, decreasing downtimes and improving overall process synchronicity.

100% Yield from a Single-Source Supplier

Fleury Michon America saw a 100% increase in product throughput after installing their new Trave tray sealing system from Harpak-ULMA Packaging. Through the addition of new custom tooling, better line control, synchronized automation, and a broader range of previously unavailable component resources, Fleury Michon America now operates with significantly reduced labor and training costs and can access repair and maintenance solutions from a single-source supplier. Costly secondary packaging and palletizing outsourcing is no longer required, and Fleury Michon America can integrate advanced automation when needed to improve its packaging efficiency at every stage.

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