Celebrating G. Mondini 20 Years in N. America
Celebrating G. Mondini 20 Years in N. America

This year Harpak-ULMA celebrates 20 years of exclusively representing  G.Mondini packaging systems in North America. The celebration commenced at Pack Expo 2014, where  four Mondini lines were exhibited. G. Mondini was founded in 1972 in Italy and has become a world leader in designing high production and fully automated packaging lines. The relationship between Harpak-ULMA and G. Mondini has enabled the companies to meet the demands of the ever-growing packaging industry and provide customized solutions to meet a variety of packaging requirements.

The G. Mondini line of tray sealing equipment can be found in major food plants in applications such as meat, ready meals, meal assembly and MAP.  Customers also include non-food industries, such as major medical, pharmaceutical and personal care corporations.

Harpak-ULMA and G. Mondini have collaborated on a number of developments to better serve customers. Most recently, the companies have partnered with Cryovac to develop a Darfresh®  on Tray application for skin packaging. This innovative application not only provides an aesthetic package, but saves production costs by eliminating scrap waste.

G. Mondini equipment has a reputation for quality design, versatility, hygiene, ease of operation, low operating and running costs, and the ability to be integrated into a complete packaging line.

The relationship Harpak-ULMA has with G. Mondini enables the company to provide the total solution – from a complete, integrated packaging system to an extensive network of support including installation, training, spare parts, service and customer support.

Harpak celebrating 20 years