PRESS RELEASE – Sustainable “Hybric” Flat Tray Packaging

The G. Mondini skin tray sealing packing system that produces Hybric Flat Tray packaging is a revolutionary new skin packaging technology that creates a sustainable package with enhanced aesthetic appeal. Using the versatile “Platform Technology” on Mondini’s industry leading Trave tray sealers, the package can be made with either a coated paperboard or plastic foundation.

The patented technology creates innovative and stand-out packaging with maximum product exposure. The packaging provides excellent communication surfaces and is 80% recyclable, if paper is used. The easy to open, vacuum sealed package offers minimal post-consumer waste compared to all other retail packaging styles.

The G. Mondini patented “Platform Technology” for tray sealers gives producers the flexibility and technology to meet changing consumer demands over time with a single investment by creating multiple package styles on one machine.