November 30, 2021, Taunton, MA – Harpak-ULMA today announced the North American availability of G. Mondini’s innovative PaperSeal Former, which produces sustainable paperboard-formed trays that employ 85% less plastic and operates at high speed in a compact footprint.

The PaperSeal line offers a sustainable alternative versus traditional tray seal applications in an attractive package with improved graphics potential. The PaperSeal Former helps producers transition from pre-made plastic trays to an in-house tray forming capability using paperboard – even in the face of facility space constraints. The state-of-the-art sustainable tray former is an ultra-compact turnkey solution that combines the functionality of a tray former, denester, multiple conveyors, and a robot. The PaperSeal Former can be used to supply any tray sealer with a more sustainable formed tray. It features high throughput (e.g., 60 9×7 trays per minute) in a single physical footprint of approximately six by three meters. In addition to producing more sustainable packaging, its combination of functional capability and high throughput achieves significant cost savings over traditional approaches, as well as an accelerated payback period.

PaperSeal FormerThe PaperSeal Former’s unique combination of high-speed, compact, sustainably focused packaging enables producers to realize the benefits and additional savings associated with a reduction in their overall carbon footprint. Unlike preformed trays, collapsed blanks require significantly less transportation and storage space, resulting in fewer truckloads and warehousing requirements.

“G. Mondini is an innovation leader that keeps its ear to the ground and understands the variety of customer environments in which its products are deployed. The PaperSeal Former is a great example of that philosophy,” Carlo Bergonzi, Harpak-ULMA tray seal Product Manager, said. “The PaperSeal Former helps space-constrained customers better meet their sustainability objectives while realizing better value and payback by taking a creative approach to machine form and function. The PaperSeal Former delivers more product with less investment and less space. That’s the essence of innovation.”

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