Thermoform Skin Packaging

The Beauty of Thermoform Skin

Harpak-ULMA’s thermoform skin packaging machinery creates an advanced airtight vacuum pack that protects the product and fits around it like a “second skin.” Both films are sealed over the whole surface except the area occupied by the product, ensuring its most natural, original look. Thermoform skin is among the most attractive solutions for packagers today as the top films enhance the product’s appearance without compromising preservation or freshness long term.  


Though the primary function of skin packaging is to improve aesthetics and extend product shelf life, it also adds features that provide additional values, such as liquid retention to prevent product exudation. By delaying microbial growth, thermoforming skin adds the possibility of displaying the pack in a variety of customized ways. Thermoform skin is especially effective in the food packaging industry, creating an ideal seal for fresh meat, processed meat, fish, poultry, ready meals, cheese, and pates. 

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Thermoform Skin Salmon Packaging

Thermoform Skin Pack Advantages

In addition to creating an airtight second skin for a wide range of products, thermoform skin packaging offers additional benefits to improve almost any product, giving it more attractive features for consumers. 

Reduced Scrap System for Darfresh® Rollstock Packaging

A 40% scrap reduction is now possible on the ULMA TFS 407 R Thermoformer. With the reduced scrap width, the vacuum cycle speed can be increased by more than 12%. A better vacuum seal is achieved due to specially designed vacuum slots combined with top and bottom Darfresh® webs. Other features of this package include easy-open, shaped cuts and Eurolock hanging hole. Packages may also be microwaved.

Skin Thermoforming Line

Specially targeted for fresh and processed meat, fish, poultry, ready meals, cheese, and pates, skin packaging is an exciting innovation in versatile thermoform packaging. Skin packaging creates a rigid support bottom tray and a forming top film to create a vacuum pack. This hygienic “second skin” offers unmatched protection for the product while simultaneously enhancing its appearance and shelf life.

Skin Thermoforming Brochure
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