At Harpak-ULMA Packaging, we believe that establishing a close relationship with our clients is the best way to achieve customer satisfaction, and we constantly work with a focus on customer service that sets us apart.

Call 800-813-6644 or 508-884-2500 to order parts or schedule service.

Customer Service - Harpak-ULMA

Customer Service

Harpak-ULMA Packaging offers Customer Service and Technical Assistance that quickly responds to the individual needs that arise.  Thanks to our extensive network of field technicians which offer exceptional after-sales service, Harpak-ULMA Packaging is able to be in close proximity of our clients, wherever it may be necessary to provide the service that is expected. Harpak-ULMA customer service representatives are just a phone call away. With a complete inventory of replacement parts Harpak-ULMA assures machine up-time!

Customer Promoters Drive Real Value

  • Buy more
  • Stay longer
  • Refer friends
  • Provide feedback and ideas


Technical Service - Harpak-ULMA

Technical Service

Harpak-ULMA Packaging has one of the largest Technical Support networks in the world, characterized by its proximity, professionalism and quality.

  • In-house specialized technicians, providing conveniently located service; fast and reliable.
  • Additional services for special campaign periods.
  • Preventive Maintenance Services that fit the needs of each client.
  • Extensive resources as well as hours of operation.
  • Our technicians are characterized by their high degree of professionalism, knowledge and proactive attitude.
  • Immediate telephone support available with technicians specialized by product and machine lines.
  • All technicians certified PMMI training.

Remote assistance as an added value for our clients, allowing our programmers/technicians to take control of machines remotely in order to diagnose issues.

Installation and Setup - Harpak-ULMA

Installation & Setup

  • Installation performed by Harpak-ULMA Packaging specialists.
  • Complete onsite training.
  • FAT at the factory prior to shipment when necessary.
  • Remote, livestream, recordable online FAT service available.
Equipment Training - Harpak-ULMA


  • In-house team of PMMI training specialists.
  • Operator training in the factory or at client facilities.
  • Specific on-site training or at the factory for maintenance personnel.
  • Equipped with modern technologies to provide long distance training (such as video conferencing/remote troubleshooting).

Please contact the Harpak-ULMA Packaging office in Taunton, MA for information on course schedules and reservations.

Preventive Maintenance - Harpak-ULMA

Preventive Maintenance

Maintain your installation in a perfect operating condition to ensure higher productivity & profitability, and a shorter recovery time of your investment.

Harpak-ULMA offers a customized preventive maintenance service to ensure that the machine is always in optimal condition.

This option includes a set number of visits each year, during which Harpak-ULMA specialists will perform an exhaustive inspection of the entire installation, paying special attention to the various mechanisms, controls, and security devices.

TFS and Trave Manuals - Harpak-ULMA


Each Harpak-ULMA Packaging Machine is delivered with the following manuals adapted specifically for each installation:

  • Instruction manual.
  • Maintenance manual with detailed lists of spare parts.
  • Documentation for cleaning and hygiene procedures.
  • Electrical & Mechanical manuals.

Call 800-813-6644 or 508-884-2500 to order parts or schedule service.