Wrappy Hour with Harpak-ULMA

Episode 21: Strategic Packaging Partnerships (ft. Jessie Schwartz)

Can you effectively make packaging decisions that add value to your organization? In this episode of Wrappy Hour, we sit down with Jessica Schwartz, a seasoned packaging consultant who began her career at General Mills until launching her own business, Strategic Packaging Partners, in 2019.


In this exciting episode, we discuss the correlation between cost savings and sustainability, common challenges faced by companies, and the impact of obsolete packaging on operations and the environment. Jessica emphasizes the multifaceted nature of packaging, extending beyond the physical aspects to include service, training, and maintenance. She offers strategies for integrating sustainability with cost-saving measures, providing valuable insights for businesses aiming to minimize their environmental impact while enhancing their bottom line. 


Tune in as we explore future trends and advancements in packaging technology, and discover how packaging consultants like Jessica guide businesses toward sustainable and informed practices. Not only is she the CEO of Strategic Packaging Partners, she is also the host of her own podcast, The Packaging Therapist! Check it out after listening to this episode to uncover more expert insights from Jessie.

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