Wrappy Hour with Harpak-ULMA

Episode 17: The Vision of Vertical Farming (ft. Chris O'Clair)

In this illuminating episode of Wrappy Hour, we sit down with Chris O’Clair, who brings a rich background in packaging and a wealth of experience with vertical farming. As the Packaging Engineering Manager at Sun-Maid Growers of California, Chris brings a unique perspective to the table.

We embark on a journey through Chris’s career, from his early days studying packaging to becoming a leader in the field, setting up packaging processes for various companies. Learn about his pivotal role in the industry and how he seamlessly blends his technical expertise with a deep understanding of agriculture.

Discover the challenges and triumphs of the vertical farming industry as Chris shares insights gained from his experiences at Upward Farms. Uncover the hurdles faced by this burgeoning sector and the delicate balance between precision and cost that defines vertical farming.

The conversation extends to the heart of growers worldwide, exploring the complexities of packaging in the agricultural domain. Dive into the nuances of vertical farming and its sustainability factors, understanding the potential breakthroughs that could reshape the landscape. Chris sheds light on the delicate dance between conventional and vertical farming, dissecting the industry’s many intricacies.

Listen to this captivating episode and gain insights that promise to transform your perspective on packaging in the agriculture space!

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