[WEBINAR] Training Solutions for the Future: Reducing the Burden of Operator Turnover

By Harpak-ULMA
Posted In : training, harpak-ulma packaging academy, e-learning

Your new packaging machine has just been installed. Your team received hands-on training and guidance from the experienced technician who set up your machine. Where does that knowledge go when you experience operator turnover? Do you have the right resources to train new staff effectively without a technician on site?

In this webinar, Harpak-ULMA’s Technical Training Manager, Cliff Fitzgerald will unpack the pain point of staff turnover and how comprehensive and flexible e-learning solutions can help you rely less on institutional knowledge and limited in-person training. Cliff will also do a live demonstration of an interactive remote training and service solution, Vuforia Chalk.

You’ll walk away from this presentation knowing:

  • What e-learning is and how it benefits your team
  • How to best provide these resources to your operators and maintenance staff
  • What tools are available for digital learning

Watch this informative webinar from an industry expert to help you improve your training efforts.