[WEBINAR] Snackification: The Art of Turning Smaller Portions into Bigger Profits

By Harpak-ULMA
Posted In : tray seal, snack packaging, cheese packaging

In case you’re wondering, “snackification” is food industry term that refers to the long-term trend in which consumers choose snacks as meal replacements. 

The traditional concept of “3 squares a day” has evolved across North America, Western Europe and Australia, where people are eating more and more “in-between” what use to be a fixed schedule. 

This snacking trend is a great opportunity for food producers, especially those in the cheese industry, to expand product lines and enter new markets.

Learn how your packaging strategy can help you take advantage of “snackification” from Harpak-ULMA’s Tray Seal Product Manager, Carlo Bergonzi. You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Why the cheese market is well suited for this shift
  • Key packaging considerations for snacks
  • Package design tips to improve manufacturability