[WEBINAR] Think Outside the Premade Pouch: Make the Transition to Medical Thermoforming

By Harpak-ULMA
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Medical producers small and large have been using premade pouches for packaging to help their product get to market quicker. However, there are some challenges with premade pouches that may be preventing you from scaling your production.

Thermoform packaging is a great alternative, but there are several benefits and considerations to account for when making this shift.

Learn about all things thermoforming from Medical Product Manager, Nick Kirichkow. He’ll explore both the benefits and challenges of implementing this type of packaging system.  You’ll walk away knowing:

How exactly thermoforming benefits your production line

The process for validating a thermoformer

How your packaging requirements impact your transition

*content correction: the maximum forming depth on an ULMA thermoformer is 210mm.