VTC 840 with Patented Vacuum Assist

By Harpak-ULMA

Tight Bag Technology

An innovative process for optimizing the volume of air in your package using an ULMA VFFS machine. The VTC 800 and VTI 600 are both compatible with this application.

A Vertical Packaging Machine – With a Vacuum!

VTC 840ULMA’s new family of vertical machines has been developed with and for customers. The optimized work performance and new features of the machine help to obtain the best production rates with the highest quality package. Some of the key design features of the machine are: hygienic design, easy accessibility and simple format changes. A notable feature of this machine is the vacuuming of excessive air out of the pouch prior to sealing. This eliminates the problem of a “bloated” package which then, for example, cannot fit into a box.

Benefits include: 
• Savings on logistics
• Gives package a tighter appearance
• Minimizes product movement to prevent damage
• Eliminates perforations used for reducing air volume
• Quick visual check for properly sealed packages