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Sapeia, LLC's Premier Client Improves Production Speed by 275% & Saves Over $1 Million Per Year

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With updated tray sealing systems from Harpak-ULMA Packaging installed at their facilities, Sapeia, LLC’s client achieved top-down asset production management at every packaging stage. This case study analyzes Sapeia, LLC’s premier food manufacturing client’s processing and packaging costs and provides insight into the solutions used to reduce those costs and increase production. 

“The co-packers’ systems had multiple lines running with multiple people working on those lines,” recounted Armstrong. “Their equipment ran at least 50% slower, maybe more, than the rate we wanted. Plus, the co-packers were also unable to reduce their costs to the point where we could produce ourselves, and we had to meet our hurdle rate, which at the time was 25% minimum ROI.”

“The equipment ran at the rate we needed,” recalls Armstrong. “The existing equipment the co-packer utilized was less than half of our target throughput, so opting for a better system was a significant step forward. We easily met that (ROI) after installation because we had fewer people on the line, and the line was running much faster – two to three times faster than the co-packers.”

Outsourcing Packaging and Production Is Too Expensive and Inefficient

To keep up with production demand, Sapeia, LLC’s major food manufacturing client had to outsource all production and packaging to co-packagers. Tolling costs for these outside entities totaled almost $1 million annually. In addition, they presented inefficiencies and slowed production speeds of up to 50% of the desired throughput from segmented processing and packaging systems and manual labor challenges. The client also identified unrealized annual savings by not opting for in-house production and an unmet Return on Investment (ROI) of 25% of total investiture from integrating automation at infeeding.

In-House Production with Modern Integrated Packaging Systems Is Essential

Sapeia, LLC’s premier food manufacturing client turned to Harpak-ULMA Packaging to design, manufacture, and install fully integrated G. Mondini tray sealing systems in-house at their new facilities. These systems simplified and streamlined production threefold – enhancing efficiency, speed, and quality – and saved the client millions in annual operating costs and provided better holistic management and control over all operating systems at every production interval.


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