Case Study - Hardy Diagnostics

Hardy Diagnostics Experiences 33% Increase in Productivity with Harpak-ULMA Packaging.

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Microbiology Culture Media Manufacturer

Santa Maria, CA

Faulty Packaging Presents Production Dilemma

Hardy Diagnostics is a global leader in bacteriological culture media and medical device manufacturing. They stand at the forefront of infectious disease diagnosis prevention, providing superior product solutions for laboratory instrumentation and automation, medical consumables, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and private-label manufacturing.


Hardy Diagnostics experienced consistent equipment malfunction, end seam and packaging film failure, and unstable product orientation utilizing outdated packaging systems. They sought to acquire and implement advanced, customized packaging to improve product positioning, guarantee and optimize product safety and quality, and gain access to previously unavailable packaging technologies and solutions.


In doing so, Hardy Diagnostics could streamline and enhance production, meet and exceed stringent product and industry requirements, and obtain leading-edge material and process solutions to ensure present and future packaging compatibility, innovation, and return on investment (ROI).

What Was the Solution?

By implementing Harpak-ULMA Packaging’s FM 300 flow wrapping system into their existing production lines, Hardy Diagnostics was able to swiftly identify and correct all packaging issues concerning product orientation and seal integrity, maintain tighter, more synchronized product control at every packaging stage, and improve efficiency to significantly reduce or eliminate downtime and inefficient production gaps. Additionally, Hardy Diagnostics was also able to acquire and integrate a full range of new custom packaging film options to perfect overall product preservation, safety, uniformity, and hygienic standards.

How Did Hardy Diagnostics Do?

With upgraded production and a new partnership with a single-source medical packaging partner, Hardy Diagnostics was able to precisely attune their medical device manufacturing to their specific parameters, packaging their products more efficiently in the sequence and configuration necessary to accommodate medical sector requirements and customer demand. Implementing advanced, customized packaging systems now ensures optimized product quality and higher product output at every cycle, as well as increased company revenue and double-digit annual growth.


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