Wrappy Hour with Harpak-ULMA

Episode 22: A Retrospective on Retail (ft. Judson Armentrout)

Join us for an insightful discussion with Judson Armentrout, a seasoned Retail Packaging Consultant with a long history at one of the countries largest grocers, as we dive into key topics such as:

🔹 Career Journey: From Case Ready Coordinator at Kroger to his current role, Judson shares his wealth of experience in the retail packaging industry.
🔹 Packaging Evaluation: Discover what customers truly care about in packaging and how retailers can make informed decisions.
🔹 Retail Resistance: Understand why new packaging formats often face resistance and how to navigate the change curve in retail.
🔹 Financial Hurdles: Learn strategies to overcome the costs of testing new packaging formats and gain executive buy-in.
🔹 Future Trends: Explore the future of retail packaging, including innovations for pickup and quick list services.
🔹 Real-World Examples: Hear about real case studies and the lessons learned from Judson’s experience.

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