FLOWVAC®  Advantages:

·  Reduced labor costs – both for bagging and handling of leakers and materials for line.
·  Virtually eliminates leakers due to seal contamination
·  Film savings for some products, usually in the length of the flow pack.
·  Reduced product handling
·  Storage space for the film is less than the space used for bag storage
·  Reduction of corrugated waste from boxes containing bags.
·  Higher line efficiency



Fresh boneless pork loins

Standard bagging speed by hand (4 people)        22 ppm
Standard bagging speed with Flow-Vac                28 ppm
This means going from 1,320 pph to 1,680 pph = Δ 27.3%!!

Average leaker rates hand-bagged                         8%
Average leaker rates with Flow-Vac                   ≤ 1%
This means 118 less leakers per hour per line!!
Reduction of 1 leaker every 30 seconds!

Number of people needed for hand-bagging       6 people/shift
Number of people needed for Flow-Vac              2 people/shift
This is a labor savings of 67%!!

Savings per year could be:
Leakers 1,770 pcs/day @ $1.25 x 250 days     $553,125
People savings (2 shifts) 8 ppl @ $45,000        $360,000
Increased productivity                                         PRICELESS!