GL-200 Top-Load Case Packer

A Simplified, Flexible Approach to Automated EOL Casepacking

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Harpak-ULMA’s GL-200 Top-Load Case Packer utilizes a common conveyor and pattern former with side pushers to condense and orient a complete product layer of fresh baked goods, or the corrugated cases typically used for frozen products. Historically, producers have either utilized manual loading to achieve such flexibility or invested in separate basket and/or case end-of-line (EOL) automation. The gravity loader helps unlock the ROI potential associated with such automation efforts. Too often, the cost of automating one or both packing methods individually outweighed the return. A single solution that offers both capabilities in the same footprint helps justify automation by significantly improving ROI.


The layer of product is indexed and positioned over a set of doors prior to dropping the layer into the basket or case. The solution design combines mechanical simplicity with flexibility – you can quickly changeover EOL packaging to handle multiple SKU’s under either approach. It is also well suited to constrained plant footprints often associated with manual loading.

GL-200B Top-Load Case Packer



GL-200B version is designed
for commercial baking operations

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