Artic Side Seal Zipper

Speeds of up to 100 ppm depending on product sizes • MAP • Integrated Zipper applicator • Reduces labor for loading premade zipper bags

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A new packaging machine designed to pack fresh food products with modified atmosphere (MAP) for extended shelf life, with a longitudinal side seal. Ideal products for this reclosable package are bakery items like tortillas and flat breads, sliced meat, sliced and block cheese, and produce typically packaged in groups, like squash, peppers and herbs.

Some key features of the machine: Long Dwell sealing head characterized by an “oval” motion profile in the jaws. This assures hermetically sealed packages. The Artic Side Seal packs products at high production speeds up to 100 packs per minute. It is a fully servo-controlled machine, built with stainless steel.

The packaged product is displayed with full visibility on the top and bottom of the package. Artwork on the top and bottom of the package allows for maximum product branding.

Available with Allen Bradley® controls from Rockwell Automation, the Artic Side Seal is equipped to reduce solution complexity and maintenance costs, while realizing better quality, capacity, and throughput.

Watch this video of the Artic Side Seal machine packaging tortillas in a reclosable zipper package:

Artic Side Seal Zipper Packaging - Tortillas

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