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Allen-Bradley® Centralized Line Control Systems

Our fully automated packaging lines come complete with an Allen Bradley centralized control system. This system manages the interface between each piece of equipment and includes both line and safety functions. The safety system will be made up of emergency stop pushbuttons, safety cables and interlock sensors on all doors. All safety alarms and notifications will be available through the Allen Bradley Panelview HMI.
Process parameters can be selected in recipe format through the centrally located HMI. The operator will select a product specific recipe and the PLC will relay the information to the Harpak-ULMA supplied packaging and automation equipment.  With this information, the system will automatically select the applicable run settings.

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Harpak-ULMA includes an OEE feature on its automated systems which provides production staff with real-time feedback on how the equipment is performing.   An onscreen display includes the top downtime reasons, showing both the total duration and the number of stop incidents of each reason, for the current shift.  The running OEE percentage, the ideal rate, and average rate will also be displayed, all of which can be viewed for the previous 3 shifts.  If the customer elects the remote reporting feature, a report will be emailed out at the end of each shift.  These reports will not only go to customer designated contacts, but they are also sent to Harpak-ULMA machine specialists for analysis and feedback to the end user on areas of concern/opportunity.

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Automated Line - Central Line Control
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