Providing fully integrated, automated packaging lines to help increase throughput, avoid lengthy changeovers, reduce defects, lower labor costs, avoid labor shortages, and create a safer work environment. Learn how you can increase & enhance productivity and reduce operational costs. Secondary packaging options for forming and closing machines, cartoning, case erectors and multipack machines, are also available.
Cobots are flexible to move between production lines, offer a variety of grippers for different tasks, and require no safety guarding. Their minimum footprint makes them ideal for end of line automation.
Form trays inline with the PLATFORMER, producing trays with only 2% scrap and up to 38% in material cost savings!
Our ULMA flow wrap machines offer the very best in product protection and extended shelf life. Technology available on the FLOW-VAC® machines forms a vacuum package by feeding the film from below the product, creating a high-quality hermetic seal.
The Galaxy stretch wrapper provides fresh and aesthetically pleasing packages with a low cost. It produces high-performance packages by using fully automatic changeover, dual film reel holder, variable pre-stretching in all four directions and self-diagnostic tools.
Medical and pharmaceutical industries require reliable, reproducible and traceable packaging solutions that meet all of the standards required. Our solutions provide maximum product protection, hermetic sealing, customizable package shapes, hygienic individual and multi-packs, and easy-open options.
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