G. Mondini Inline Tray Former – PLATFORMER

By Heidi
Posted In : sanitation, Labor, Sustainability, Technology
5 Major Issues Facing Food Manufacturers Today - Harpak-ULMA

According to research, including PMMI’s report “2017 Trends Shaping Meat, Poultry and Seafood”, the five major concerns within manufacturing are sanitation, environmental responsibility, labor, technology and packaging. The Platformer addresses all these concerns and utilizes 98% of the film with only 2% scrap whereas traditional chain driven thermoformers use up to 15% scrap.  For an in depth look at the Platformer.  Reduce material costs by 38%.  Ask your representative about our customer RIO calculator to see how safety & savings can be accomplished in your plant.  Access to the Platformer Webinar.