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When it comes to packaging, one size never fits all. Each industry brings its own questions, challenges, and consumer requirements at every stage of production. You have a unique product and process for your production, so why shouldn’t your packaging be as customized as your business?


At Harpak-ULMA, we know it should be. That is why our company offers a diverse range of automated packaging solutions designed to cut costs, increase productivity, and meet your specific product-to-pallet needs. By combining market-specific insights and the latest innovations in packaging technology, we have taken our capabilities further to serve you. Whether you are in the food, non-food, commercial, or i ndustrial sector, our company has the solution you need.

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Food Processing & Packaging

Food Packaging

Your food-based product must be packaged to ensure the highest quality, freshness, and attractive packaging aesthetics. As your partner, we can supply customized primary, secondary, and palletizing packaging solutions that help you stand out from your competition, differentiate your product at retail, and give you the edge when it comes to dynamic, sustainable product marketing. Our equipment inventory and capabilities cover fresh, frozen, and snack-based products, including meat, poultry, fish and seafood, cheese, produce, baking and confectionary items, ready meals, and even pet food. 

Non-Food Packaging

Non-Food Packaging

Our diverse range of packaging machinery extends beyond consumables to customers in the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing markets. Our company can help you better package, protect, and market your products from facility to showroom floor, guaranteed. 

Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging

The need for sealed, hygienic medical equipment and devices has never been higher. Harpak-ULMA understands the importance of unquestioned packaging safety for the medical field and integrates the highest levels of strength, integrity, sustainability, and efficiency at every packaging stage.