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Connect live with packaging experts and see our latest innovations in action.

Process Expo in Chicago, IL, is just around the corner, and Harpak-ULMA wants you there to experience all the latest packaging innovations we have to offer! We’re thrilled to be exhibiting in-person this year to reconnect with industry peers and valued customers, and showcase our latest packaging advancements and features.


Over the past year, we have seen so many trends and changes in the packaging industry. At Harpak-ULMA, we understand how important durability, capability, and versatility are to your operations to ensure you can adapt to changing packaging requirements, labor challenges and goals. 


We want to be your partner in managing and succeeding in that change. 


Packaging flexibility and efficiency are a top focus for 2021 and beyond, and we’re striving to develop better, longer-lasting, more cost-effective, packaging solutions that match your needs. Stop by our booth and learn how to you scale your production and adapt to change, now and in the future. 

November 2nd – 5th

McCormick Place, Chicago IL

South Hall | Booth #21053


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Flexibility for your packaging line lets you...

Adapt to changing trends

The world of packaging moves fast. Trends like sustainable packaging, increased snacking, and clean label products require shifts in your overall strategy. Improved packaging flexibility lets you adapt to these changes and get to market quicker with machines that can produce several sizes and packaging formats with a variety of films.

Reduce production downtime

We know time is valuable on the production floor. That's why decreasing downtime with simpler changeovers on machines, advanced training using augmented reality, and excellent customer service are a priority for us. Less downtime means more flexibility to scale your production quickly and easily in less time.

Remain user friendly

Flexibility doesn't just apply to your machinery and run times. It applies to your operators, too. Simplifying your machine design with streamlined training solutions helps your team develop skills faster and reduce error. Harpak-ULMA offers Allen Bradley controls on a growing number of machines, standard, and provides advanced online training solutions so your users can do more.  

Tech Theater - Alexander Ouellet

LIVE! Food for Thought Presentation

Thursday, November 4th | 3:45pm

A Game Changer: Augmented Reality for Packaging Operations

Alexander Ouellet, Innovation Engineer


Long-standing labor turnover and equipment maintenance challenges have only been exacerbated by the unprecedented conditions and restrictions imposed in 2020. We’ll demonstrate three practical applications of augmented reality, including new options for OEM support, visual service instructions, and equipment performance monitoring. Learn how you can do more and go faster using smart, connected, AR-enabled machines.  


Producers must cope with new realities for equipment commissioning, training operators and maintenance staff, and minimizing downtime as traditional methods and protocols are stymied.  These capabilities will differentiate producer “haves” from the “have-nots,” as they unlock the potential of smart, connected packaging platforms that are pre-enabled for remote support, augmented reality, and IIoT data acquisition technologies.   


In this session, Harpak-ULMA will showcase real example solutions as well as the frameworks, methods, and tools for its journey forward. This discussion will also cover key use cases, partners, and concepts essential to the success of any digital transformation journey.   

See us on the Bakery Processing Line!

Harpak-ULMA’s Artic Side Seal Zipper will be featured on the Bakery Processing Line at Process Expo. Come see for yourself how this packaging technology integrates with processing equipment and automation for bakers. Demonstrations will feature flatbread/tortilla-like product packaging with a reclosable zipper. We’ll show you how to reduce the labor required for loading premade zipper bags and help you discover the speed and efficiency of cutting-edge flow wrapping technology. 


Quick facts

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Tortillas in Flow Wrapping
augmented reality on Mondini tray sealer

Augmented Reality Demonstrations

AR implementation in your plant is closer than you think! This technology allows your team to visualize critical data in 3D, facilitating several applications, including remote assistance, user training, operational guidance, and real-time user instruction.  

Augmented Reality is proving to have several benefits for producers too. Hands-on, visual training, and real-time, on-the-job guidance decrease human error in operations and make you less reliant on internal legacy knowledge. Remote assistance saves you time and money when your machine has an unexpected stop. There are even use cases for inspection, allowing you to verify that each step of a specific process has been done correctly, greatly enhancing your documentation.  

These tools are the definition of flexibility – allowing you to share 3D data anytime, anywhere.  

Other Packaging Solutions

Harpak-ULMA offers a wide range of packaging solutions beyond our flow wrapping machine being featured at Process Expo. Learn how we can meet your thermoforming and tray sealing needs as well! We’ll have an on-site team of packaging experts at the show to answer any inquiries about all our product lines, so don’t hesitate to visit us to discuss your unique operational needs.  


Thermoform and Blister Machines

Thermoformers are highly versatile. They can create several different package styles and sizes for various applications, all on the same machine. Simple tool changes, Allen-Bradley controls, and the ability to adapt to the latest packaging trends make a thermoforming machine a compelling solution for many food producers. 

Tray Sealing and Forming Machines

Our G. Mondini® tray sealing and forming machines give you high-quality performance and flexibility for several packaging applications, formats, and sizes. They eliminate the need for premade trays with their innovative Platformer inline tray forming technology, and operate at the highest efficiency levels, whether you are packaging prepared meals, meat, cheese, or snacks. 

Additional Flow Wrapping Machines

The Artic Side Seal Zipper featured in the Bakery Processing Line is just the beginning of Harpak-ULMA’s expansive, flexible line of flow wrapping equipment.  Your flow wrap solution will depend on your product, goals, and production requirements for speed and throughput. 

FM 200 - Harpak-ULMA
Complete Thermoforming Automation Line
Product to Pallet Automated Lines

Product-to-Pallet Automation

Automation affords several significant benefits for packaging manufacturers. It reduces operational spending by lowering labor costs, minimizes waste from human interaction, increases throughput and productivity, and creates a safer work environment by replacing repetitive, strenuous, manual jobs.   


Harpak-ULMA addresses conventional packaging automation equipment and advancements in robotic automation that are paving the way to new levels of scalability and cost containment for producers of every size and industry. Robotics can now handle depalletizing, de-casing, infeed handling, raw food handling, primary packaging, secondary packaging, mixing (combo packs), and palletizing. We have secondary packaging options for top, side, and bottom loading and wrap-around case packing.  


Speed to market, standardization, cost, and reusability are all concerns when deciding whether to use automation and how much of your line to automate. Harpak-ULMA helps with every aspect of your production and helps you make the right choice for your operation, from start to finish.  

Have questions before the show?

If you have urgent packaging needs or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll connect you with our packaging experts right away and deliver the guidance and insight you’re looking for.  

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