Harpak-ULMA at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) 2022

Booth #101

What's new in bakery and confectionary packaging?

Discover innovative approaches to bakery and confectionary packaging automation at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have plenty of exciting features planned for you in our booth. 


The past couple of years since the last IBIE show in 2019 have shown us that change is inevitable, with or without a global pandemic to worry about. It’s important that your equipment and production line can stand the test of time and adapt to your packaging needs as your environment, goals and strategies change. 


You have a partner in managing that change with Harpak-ULMA. 


Innovation has consistently been a focus as we strive to build productive, cost-efficient, lasting packaging solutions. As a Rockwell Automation OEM Gold Partner, we are committed to offering Rockwell Automation parts and controls on all of our equipment. 

Come experience Augmented Reality demonstrations showing how you can improve your OEE and facilitate faster training and service. See how cobots, robotic loading and tote/basket loading can be integrated into your packaging line. 


Get a sneak peek of the machinery and related innovations we’re bringing to IBIE below…

Education: September 17 – 21, 2022

Exhibit Hall: September 18 – 21, 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center

Booth #101


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IBIE AR Presentation

Advances in Remote Maintenance for Packaging Operations

September 18th | 9:45am to 10:45am

September 20th | 9:45am to 10:45am

Josh Becker, Bakery Segment Manager


Machine maintenance is a given. But every Producer seeks to better control machine downtime – planned or unplanned. Traditionally, maintenance was either performed by in house staff, or required an onsite visit by an expert Field Technician.


Today, the options for maintaining and optimizing assets are considerably more varied, thanks to technology. Smart, connected machines introduce new possibilities – from self-diagnosis and remote OEE monitoring to Augmented Reality and Digital Twins – all designed to decrease MTTR while reducing the costs, time and production impact of maintenance efforts.

Flow Wrap Solutions

Flow wrap solutions have broad applications and plenty of built-in flexibility, giving you the ability to quickly adapt to different product sizes and package with or without a carrier tray. 


Flow wrappers are also dual-purpose machines, which can be designed to run several different film types like polypropylene, laminate, and polyolefin shrink. Flexible machine components also allow you to change your seal rollers, cross seal jaws, and folding boxes to create the ideal package to meet your end customer’s needs. 


These machines also help you reduce downtime with simple tool-free changeovers that take 5 to 10 minutes or less and can be completed by a single person. 


Allen-Bradley® controls are available on our Atlanta, Artic, and Flow Vac 55 S.D. models, which can provide familiarity to trained technicians and provide more readily available parts. 

On the Show Floor

FR500 - Harpak-ULMA

FR500 Flow Wrapper with Automation

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Product to Pallet Automation

Automated Lines

Automation affords several significant benefits for packaging manufacturers. It reduces operational spending by lowering labor costs, minimizes waste from human interaction, increases throughput and productivity, and creates a safer work environment by replacing repetitive, strenuous, manual jobs.  


We have secondary packaging options for top loading, side loading, bottom loading, and wrap-around case packing.  


We address conventional packaging automation equipment as well as advancements in robotic automation that are paving the way to new levels of scalability and cost containment for producers of every size and industry. Robotics can now handle depalletizing, de-casing, infeed handling, raw food handling, primary packaging, secondary packaging, mixing (combo packs), and palletizing. Speed to market, standardization, cost, and reusability are all concerns when deciding whether to use automation and how much of your line to automate. Harpak-ULMA helps with every aspect of your production, from start to finish. 


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Tote/Basket Management

Basket Loading System

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Thermoforming Solutions

Thermoforming solutions are truly flexible and great for all types of food applications. 


Your packaging can adapt to changing markets and trends with various package formats and sizes available on the same machine, including vacuum, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), and skin. You also have the option of running flexible and/or semi-rigid films. 


Our thermoforming solutions also help you reduce downtime with simple tool-free, single-person changeovers that take 10 minutes or less. 


Allen Bradley controls are available on our standard and skin thermoformers. They come standard on our TFS 500 through TFS 700 models. These controls may be more familiar to trained technicians and ensure more readily available parts. 


On the Show Floor

TFS200 - Harpak-ULMA

TFS300 with Automation

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Flexibility for your packaging line means...

Adapting to changing trends

The world of packaging moves fast. Trends like sustainable packaging, increased snacking, and clean label products all require shifts in your packaging strategy. Adapt to these changes and go to market quicker with flexible machines that can produce several sizes and packaging formats with a variety of films.

Reducing production downtime

We know time is valuable on the production floor. That's why decreasing downtime with simpler changeovers on machines, advanced training using augmented reality, and excellent customer service are a priority for us. Less downtime means more flexibility to scale your production.

Remaining user friendly

Flexibility doesn't just apply to your machinery and run times. It applies to your operators, too. Simplifying your machine design with streamlined training solutions helps your team develop skills faster and reduce error. That's why Harpak-ULMA offers Allen Bradley controls on a growing number of machines and provides advanced online training solutions.

Have questions before the show?

We’re excited to reconnect in person at IBIE, but we’re also happy to be a resource for you year-round. If you have a packaging need or question, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll connect you with our packaging experts and deliver the guidance and insight you deserve.  

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