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VTC 700

Vertical packaging machine (VFFS) which makes a three sealing pack. Designed for continuous packing at high production speeds up to 140 cycles/min.

VTC 700

The VTC 700 has been specifically designed for continuous motion wrapping of many different product types. The machine is extremely flexible in terms of changing the forming size to allow for different portions, and has the versatility of adapting to any film type. Combine these features with the level of electronic specification and you have one of the most technologically advanced machines available on the market.

From the beginning of the design concept, the VTC 700 model has been focused entirely on key industry requirements such as ergonomics, easy cleaning, low maintenance, and the use of high quality materials with most advanced hygiene treatments.

The machine is controlled by an Industrial PC and is provided with 4 servomotors actuated by shaft control synchronization. The interface has been specially developed to assure easy and friendly machine programming.

The final result is an ideal machine where high levels of production are required, along with simple operation & easy cleaning.


  • Stainless steel version.
  • Servo driven cross seal jaw (2 servomotors).
  • Servo driven film transport (2 servomotors).
  • Front frame open construction.
  • Film reel holders with Pneumatic chocks.
  • One piece and easy change film former.
  • Industrial PC, color touch screen (B&R 10").
  • Capacity to program data for 100 items.
  • Touch screen adjustment of sealing time, temperature and pressure for the horizontal seal jaws.
  • Key controlled access to different operator levels.
  • Motorized film tracking + film tension control with load cells.
  • Motorized centering of film roll holders.
  • Automatic detection of the end of the film roll.
  • Precision bag length control at high or low speed.
  • Horizontal seal obstruction detection.
  • Automatic detection of irregularities in the sealing temperature or in the pneumatic pressure of the system.
  • Easy interface with peripheral equipment.
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the (98/37/CEE) safety regulations.


  • Left hand cabinet mounting to allow for dual machine loading.
  • Vacuum table for film splicing to facilitate quick roll changes.
  • Programmable “end of film roll” sensor.
  • Printed film registration system.
  • Automatic self – centering film roll.
  • Gas injection system for modified atmosphere packaging.
  • Vacuum belt film feed system.
  • Special PE jaws for high speed applications.
  • Impulse sealing system.
  • Continuos vertical sealer with metal strip.
  • Hot air vertical sealer.
  • Special easy open knife shapes.
  • Flat bottom package with center or side seal.
  • Eurolock, or handle punching systems.
  • Strings or double bag.
  • Static eliminators.
  • MODEM connection, ONLINE analyze.
  • Coders and printers.
  • Labelers.
  • Product discharge belts.