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The newest in the line of Mondini Tray Sealers.


G. Mondini

Ground breaking innovation in the range of G. Mondini tray sealers which offers the capability to produce multiple packaging formats on a single tray sealer through a simple tool change.

The patented "Platform Technology" secures decision making by giving producers the flexibility and technology to meet changing consumer demands in a single investment.


Available Models:



  • Easy access for efficient maintenance 
  • Designed to exceed the highest hygiene standards 
  • All electrical components secured in top cabinet
  • Ergonomically designed electrical cabinet 
  • Simple cleaning procedures


    The latest vacuum skin packaging innovations from G. Mondini are Hybric Flat 3D and SLIMFRESH. Both packages are made using TRAVE Platform technology and incorporate a high performance recyclable, moisture resistant paperboard backing that provides both a longer shelf life and dramatically improved presentation for protein products. The packages allow for aesthetic product presentation as well as front and back surfaces for graphics, eliminating the need for labels. They have an easy open feature, may be hung vertically and maintain food safety by being leak-proof.

    Of particular interest to all customers using skin pack technology is the joint venture between Mondini and Sealed Air of Darfresh on Tray applications. Sealed Air has long been the leader in skin pack materials with their Darfresh film and Mondini is the world leader in tray sealing technology. They have partnered to provide a system that cuts the film prior to sealing and only uses enough film to cover the tray. No scrap is generated between packages nor is any wound up on a scrap rewind mandrel. Advantages:

    ·       Less film usage – up to 30%

    ·       No scrap wind-up, nothing to throw away

    ·       Smaller tools allow for faster evacuation and cycle times

    ·       More trays can be sealed because of smaller tools