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PLATFORMER - Thermo-Sealer

Is it a Thermoformer? Is it a Tray Sealer? YES!

PLATFORMER - Thermo-Sealer

The packaging world has always been divided into either Thermoforming or Tray Sealing lines, the former producing value packages, and the latter, higher quality packages with greater flexibility. That has now changed - Harpak-ULMA announces the introduction of G. Mondini’s new PLATFORMER Technology. Combined with the Trave, the new packaging system first forms the tray, then creates a tray seal package. This revolutionary technology cuts the tray footprint before the forming process occurs, reducing scrap to just 1%. An additional benefit of this innovative process is that the tray format change-over time is less than 10 minutes with only two components needing to be changed. With the option of using trays made in line or pre-made, packagers now have more options than ever before!

G. Mondini’s PLATFORMER won an award at ALL4PACK Paris in October 2016 in the “MACHINES, SYSTEMS, EQUIPMENT”: FLEXIBILITY, SAFETY AND INTELLIGENCE FOR PRODUCTS AND PEOPLE” category. The Award pays tribute to firms which demonstrate their exceptional capabilities in innovation and agility of the entire packaging and intralogistics sectors. Among 250 new products, 42 were selected and displayed in a PACK INNOVATION area at ALL4PACK Paris and 9 innovations were selected by the Pack Experts Committee as winners of the 2016 INNOVATION AWARDS. The G.Mondini PLATFORMER is truly the missing link between thermoforming and tray sealing lines in packaging.

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Platformer #1 from Harpak-ULMA on Vimeo.