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C-PAK Application

The patented C-PAK, combined with its innovative reclosable packaging method and our newest high-speed tray sealing solutions, consistently out performs its competitors in keeping its contents fresh, moist and easy to reclose.

C-PAK Application


C-PAK is an innovative, proprietary, reclosable package system specifically manufactured to maintain freshness and to optimize marketability. This system includes our newest high-speed tray sealing solutions combined with an innovative reclosable packaging method. C-PAK consistently out performs its competitors in keeping its contents fresh, moist and easy to reclose. These results make the package an ideal solution for sliced meats, dried fruits and nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, and many other food products. Harpak-ULMA works with today’s most creative material companies and can assist your company to develop your own distinctive package design.  Round, square, triangular, or any other reasonable design can be manufactured to work with our unique reclosable system.  Contact us for more details or to request a SAMPLE.

    C-PAK     C-Pak for meat          C-PAK            


    2 lb. Cheese package - C Pak C-PAKButter Dish Style cheese package - C Pak


Looking sharp on the shelves is also a priority and the C-PAK has the ability to adapt to multiple presentations. It can hang on a peg board, stack in a well or lie on its side. Colorful labels easily adhere to the package's smooth outer cover enhancing the product's brand power on supermarket shelves. Compared to form/fill/seal packs, the C-PAK is extremely durable and will maintain its shape through the transportation process and beyond. Its non-barrier lid can even be recycled.


The patented C-PAK utilizes an inside closing lid with the ability to close on three surfaces instead of one narrow area. This technique creates a stronger seal than an ordinary over cap. State-of-the-art tray sealing capabilities allow for an extremely tight tolerance between the lid and tray which extends shelf life. After first time use, consumers know exactly when the package is closed properly because they hear a clicking sound notifying them that the freshness has been locked in.