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Titan TFS nfs 200

Non-forming vacuum skin packaging machine for fresh and frozen food products. This skin packaging system provides a protective and wrinkle free package.

Titan TFS nfs 200

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The new skin machine forms a double seal package – a perimeter seal and a skin tight seal against the product and the non-form material – which conforms to the product size and shape. Multiple cutting options are available for an even more custom fit. Machine performance and efficiency is realized by production speed. Additionally, this model requires minimal change over for various products.

The machine creates a 3D package, can handle multiple formats and is easy to use. As with all other Harpak-ULMA packaging equipment, the Titan TFS nfs is designed to withstand the high pressure wash down requirements of the food processing industry.

Technical Specifications:  
Top film widths          420 mm. / 320 mm.
Bottom film widths          400 mm. / 300 mm.
Max. protruding                 100 mm.
Advance (max.)           260 mm. / 300 mm.
Roll diameter                 350 mm.
Core diameter (max.)                  76 mm.
Loading area 1,000 mm. (option: 2,000 mm.)
Water consumption               60 - 100 l/h
 Air consumption              5 cfm, 90 psi
Electrical specifications         220v, 60HZ, 3-phase


Sample Packaging Applications:


Basic Machine Includes:

- ATI lifting system
- Film heating system by radiant preheat + film transport system 
- Vacuum/Skin tooling
- Vacuum pump
- One (1) transversal cutting system with double operating and longitudinal cutting     
- Exit ramp
- Rewinding system
- Stainless steel covers


- Wrinkle-free product presentation - 3D package
- Extremely secure package by way of double sealing
- Optional easy-peel corner provides ease of opening
- Full washdown design
- Multi-format