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Hooper N2500 TFFS

A fully automatic form/fill/and seal medical packaging system that is leading the industry in innovations with features like: - Tool lifting features for ease of inspection and maintenance. - Quick change tooling enables greater up time availability. - E-packaging technology allows access to the machine's operations from a remote location via the internet.

Hooper N2500 TFFS

N2500 T/F/F/S      N2500 T/F/F/S      N2500 T/F/F/S

The ability to run heavy gauge material on thermoform/fill/seal (TFFS) equipment is now more important than ever before. More and more manufacturers are switching from pre-formed trays to TFFS in an attempt to reduce costs. The Hooper N2500 incorporates a zoned radiant heating system that complements food, medical and industrial applications. This thermoformer runs 50 mil thick rubber modified HIPS at 12-14 cycles per minute.

Heating options from single zone upper radiant heaters to 36 zone sandwich radiant pre-heaters are also available. The key to successfully running heavier gauge material is to heat it evenly before forming. Multiple zones allow the user to evenly control heat penetration which creates a more uniform flow of material.