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Tray Seal Skin

Developed by G Mondini S.p.A. to combine the benefits of vacuum skin technology with the flexibility and productivity of a tray sealer. Through a partnership with Cryovac® Sealed Air, Harpak-ULMA exclusively offers Darfresh® on Tray capabilities for increased speed and cost savings.

Tray Seal Skin

Harpak-ULMA offers a range of tray seal skin machines that deliver multiple packaging material formats on one tray sealing platform.

3 formats to suit a wide variety of applications:

- Machine range capability from 10ppm – 120ppm
- Quick tool change = new size, shape, material
- Short down time to change between formats

- Easy to use range of pre-made trays in numerous materials :
            PET. PP, BFT
            Paperboard Trays
            Renewable Materials
- Vacuum skin process giving second skin effect
- Suitable for a wide range of applications
- Delivers Extended shelf life in most applications
- Multiple packaging formats on one machine
- Tray Sealer flexibility for quick and easy changeover
- Entire free surface around product is sealed
- Reduction of drip in packs
- Excellent customer presentation

Cryovac®  Darfresh on Tray®
Darfresh on Tray® is a revolutionary new skin packaging technology that uses 100% of the skin film to seal the packages generating zero scrap loss and eliminating the need for scrap wind-ups, thus cutting costs and increasing speed by up to 40% more than traditional tray skin machines. Darfresh on Tray® is enabled by the innovative and patented Mondini “Platform Technology”, which allows a single tray sealing machine to produce a variety of packaging formats with minimal change-over time. 

The Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray packaging process eliminates film scrap to offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Each package is sealed using only the necessary amount of film, reducing waste costs that can accumulate from skeleton scrap. This process results in a compact package produced with 40 percent less material than other available tray skin offerings require and up to 40% faster packaging speeds.

Darfresh on tray scrap


Cryovac DarfreshOnTray