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Creates a rigid support bottom tray and a forming top film to create a vacuum pack. Both films are sealed over the whole surface except the area occupied by the product. Specially targeted for fresh meat, processed meat, fish, poultry, ready meals, cheese and pates. Exclusively offering Cryovac® Darfresh® rollstock capabilities.


TFS Skin Thermoforming Video           


- Vertical display of the pack avoiding product
movement inside.

- Product shelf life is increased.

- Retains liquids and gases.

- Enhances product presentation.

- Option to use a flexible support.

- Option to add an additional lid to use as a labeling support. This also makes it possible to include protective gas or promotional items (recipes, spoons …) between both films.

- Allows customization of the pack in terms of shape and dimensions.

- The type of packaging material used in skin packaging allows for easy opening packs.

Different skin packs are available including an application where the product protrudes above the height of the tray, and a stronger hermetic seal for products that risk staining the sealing area.

Film options include: semi-permeable films and microwaveable packs.

TFS series 407, 507, 607, 707 - for all production levels.

CRYOVAC®  Darfresh®

Through a partnership with Cryovac® Sealed Air,  Cryovac® Darfresh® rollstock technology is available on ULMA TFS thermoformers. The new Ulma Darfresh® combines state of the art equipment with Sealed Air Darfresh® skin films to produce an outstanding package with many attributes.  The Darfresh® systems offer a tight form fitting second skin that seals up to the edge of the product, holding the product in place for vertical display and a perfect presentation.  The film seals any place there is film to film or film to tray contact providing a secure package that contains all liquids / purge.  The Darfresh® package gives the consumer the ultimate in convenience with an easy open film, clear visibility and fresh ready for extended shelf-life. 

Darfresh® rollstock capabilities are offered exclusively in North America by Harpak-ULMA on the ULMA TFS series of thermoform equipment.