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Shrink Tunnels - TR Shrink Tunnel

Fixed top cover shrink tunnels with high calorific power, low energy consumption and high efficiency. Suitable for products packed in sleeve wrappers and shrink machines. Models with different dimensions and performance are available.

Shrink Tunnels - TR Shrink Tunnel

Hot air fixed top cover tunnels, ULMA branch and TR model, designed for film to be shrunk around products that have been previously packed in side sealers, sleeve wrappers, flow pack wrappers, overlap wrappers or in any other packaging machine.

High calorific power, low consumption and low heat loss tunnels.


  • Solid frame manufactured in painted rolled steel tube.
  • Easy integration in existing lines.
  • Legs can be adjusted in height and wheels add to the ease of placement and transport.
  • Machine's product flows from right to left.
  • Different product transport systems available:
    - Stainless steel mesh with or without side chains.
    - Moving rollers covered by silicone.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Transport speed control.
  • Inside the chamber, air is distributed uniformly to guarantee a great energy savings.
  • Maximum isolation in order to reduce heat loss.
  • Electric cabinet with ventilation.
  • Protection and safety systems according to CE norms.