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The multipack machines are suitable for wrapping products like yogurt cups, cans, trays, etc. with a solid carton board sleeve in single or multiple packs. Sleeves are closed on the bottom with hot melt applied by means of a gun spraying unit. The machines can be built with a painted steel main frame or a stainless steel frame. Easy maintenance, centralized greasing and easy and quick change over are some of the main features offered by our machines manufactured according to the current CE standards. Feel free to contact us for further information and customized versions.


The Multipack Batpack BSP 200 is suitable to clipping the product neck, leaving it visible.
The applied clips can have a lateral panel or not. The machine is completely electronic using servomotors and can achieve high speed production.

RM-BATPACK 120/150

The machine is equipped with Rama's patented rotary carton feeder and driver.  The long capacity magazine is provided with a flight chain feeding conveyor that permits the reduction of pressure in the picking zone. The machine speed depends on the packaging style and the product to be wrapped.


The RM-SMS sleeving machine is used to wrap trays or compact size product, by using a pre-glued carton sleeve. RM-SMS has many applications in the food industry (ready meals, meat, frozen food etc.) and in several other non-food industries. The machine erects the sleeve, pushes the product inside and then leaves the sleeved product at the exit. Stainless steel main frame, complete servo-drive, compact dimensions and easy and quick changeover without any mechanical parts to replace make SMS a flexible and easy to use machine. RM-SMS is manufactured according to the current CE standards.


The RM 199C1 is built on a heavy-duty tubular stainless steel frame with modular construction in order to ease transport and positioning. It is suitable for packing cans or bottles into boxes of different sizes (boxes containing from 4 to 24 products). The boxes are made from flat blank, with lateral flaps closed with hot melt applied by a gun spraying system.
Main features include:
- long & low level carton magazine for ease of loading blanks
- rotary carton feeder
- box erecting rotary unit provided with vacuum suction acting on the top and on the bottom to obtain accurate box construction.
Products are loaded into the carton by means of side moving pushers for maximum product stability. Motorization is achieved by servomotors with speed electrical variation.

RamaPack is suitable for wrapping the product with a carton sleeve, starting from flat blanks and closed on the bottom with hot melt applied by means of a gun spraying unit. The machine has been designed to achieve very high flexibility and it is particularly suitable for product manual loading.
Special Applications

Thanks to the advanced research and development that our highly skilled technical staff can guarantee, Rama is able to design and supply a customized machine to create special packs upon customer’s request.
Wrapped products stacked on more layers, overturned, special sleeves, with partial products covered are only few examples of the applications.

 Special Applications