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Closing machines are suitable for closing the lid of erected and filled carton boxes, by means of hot melt or tuck in flap systems. The wide range includes inline or angular closing machines, mechanical or lugless type, suitable for closing box lids on 1 or 3 flaps. Usually supplied together with the forming machines in order to provide complete solutions, they are suitable for packing food products (ice creams, frozen food, snacks, dairy products, etc.) and non-food products (high-tech items, spare parts for cars, etc.). The machines can be built with a painted steel main frame or a stainless steel frame. Easy maintenance, centralized greasing and easy and quick change over are some of the main features offered by our machines manufactured according to the current CE standards. Feel free to contact us for further information and customized versions.

• CLM: in line closing machine suitable to closing boxes lids on one frontal flap by means of hot melt or tuck in flap;
• C90M: angular closing machine, suitable for closing boxes lids on 3 flaps by means of hot melt;
• CLM3: high speed inline closing machine, suitable for closing box lids on 3 flaps by means of hot melt.

The maximum achievable speed depends on the carton structure.

LUGLESS Closing Machines CLC-C90C-CLC3
Thanks to the use of driven belts, the changeover in the lugless closing machines becomes very easy and fast. Ordinary maintenance has been reduced to the minimum and it is possible to operate with a wider range of carton sizes.