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Our range of horizontal cartoning machines, intermittent or continuous motion, is suitable to pack products into boxes with automatic side loading and closure of the lateral flaps by means of hot melt or tuck-in flap. Products can be loaded into the machine infeed manually by the operator or automatically by means of a mechanical or electronic synchronization unit. The synchronization unit picks the product from the production line and feeds the machine in feed tasks. These machines can be built on a painted steel or stainless steel main frame. Easy maintenance, centralized greasing and easy and quick change over are some of the main features offered by our machines manufactured according to the current CE standards. Special versions equipped with a low carton magazine are available. The horizontal cartoning machines are particularly used to package food products like frozen pizzas, cakes, cereals, rice, coffee packs, etc. Feel free to contact us for further information and customized versions.


The horizontal cartoning machine, intermittent motion model RM AI, can be equipped with levers or a 2-arm rotary carton feeder. Changeover is easy and fast due to hand wheels with counters. Machine can be equipped with inclined or, upon request, long and drive cartons magazine.
Box sizes: minimum 130X100X20mmH – maximum 310X200X80mmH


The horizontal cartoning machine, continuous motion, model RM A2, is manufactured with a rotary carton feeder which permits high speed performance. Changeover is easy and fast due to hand wheels with counters. An optional automatic changeover is available.
Machine can be equipped with inclined or, upon request, long & drive cartons magazine.
The model RM A2C can operate with boxes sizing minimum 120x100xH20 mm and maximum 300x300xH70 (total sealing flaps) or H max 100 (economic flaps).

The synchronization unit model RM-SEL is composed of conveyors managed by brushless drives, which permit product selection and insertion into the machines. Synchronization units can have painted steel or stainless steel frame (option) with tabletop transport elements.
By-pass (option) in case of product jam into the machine.
Feel free to contact us for further information and customized versions.

Model 2.2 or 3.8 is a servo driven cartoning machine equipped with a RAMA special patented rotary carton feeder. The Eclittica cartoning machine is built on a steel column frame housing the pneumatic plant, electrical wiring and eventually transmission. The Eclittica machine can achieve a high production speed. It is available with automatic changeover. Box ranges:
Eclittica 2.2: minimum 50x50xH20mm;
maximum 210x200xH60mm
Eclittica 3.8: minimum 140x120xH20mm; maximum 340x300xH100mm.