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G.Mondini CP

Snap On Lid Machine

G.Mondini CP


This machine is suitable for placing plastic lids onto seal trays. It can be placed immediately after a Mondini tray sealer or it can stand independently.

The unit is composed of:

  • Tray infeed belt into the intermittent chain of the unit.
  • Intermittent motion chain to position the tray under the lidding tool.
  • Bottom tool with the same shape as the tray to ensure centering under the lid. The upward movement of the bottom tool is driven by cam.
  • Top tool has the same shape as the lid. The tool picks the lid from the magazine with suction cups, and the vacuum is produced by a Venturi system. The movements of the top tool - lid pick, rotation and place -  are driven by two cams. During the pause of the intermittent conveyor, the bottom tool is lifted and at the end of the stroke the tray makes contact with the lid which is then snapped on.

    All movements are mechanically controlled:
  • Lid magazine
  • Lid magazine sensor
  • Production: 1 closing head – 40 trays/min.
  • 2 closing heads – 80 trays/min.
  • Electric power consumption: 1.5 KW/h compressed air: 60NL/min.