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ULMA Packaging Automation

ULMA Packaging Automation is a division within the ULMA group which specializes in projects focused on applications which constitute the definition, design and implementation of “Integrated packaging solutions for fresh food, medical device, personal care and industrial product applications."

ULMA Packaging Automation


Suanghui Sausage Automation from Harpak-ULMA on Vimeo.

Project applications can range from single automated machines, where the application requirement is to load and unload a packaging machine, right through to complete factory solutions providing turnkey automated production lines.

The Automation division of ULMA Packaging supplies PROJECT MANAGEMENT as an important part of the solution to control the entire project with production lines and elements to be integrated.

Using one company to fulfill the requirements of complete production lines has the following advantages:

• One project manager responsible to the customer.

• Design adapted to each customer's specific requirements.

• Complete integration of the automated line and any existing equipment.

• Optimization of the functionality and performance of the global solution.

• Simple and centralized operation of the complete line.

Ulma packaging automation process


A space of 2500 m2 is required to create the assembling and solutions of complete automation lines for FAT before the final installation at the customer site. An additional 4000 m2 production plant of stainless steel welding and assembling, supplies the elements to create the defined solution.

Our specialists design and create specific solutions for Food Technology.

Assembly area of ULMA Packaging Automation