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Complete Solution of Vertical Line

In a vertical wrapping line, the product is received randomly and is introduced in an inclined transport system up to the multihead weigher. This feeding system makes de-dosifying and weighing of the product to be wrapped in the vertical machine. The automation of the line is made with different processing and dosifying units, depending on the application and required production goals.

Complete Solution of Vertical Line

Vertical Pouch Automatic Wrapping Line

The crate packing system is composed by a compact ULMA D12H robot and a product detection system (vision system, photocells etc ) to pick and place the pouches transported in a random way.

The gripping tool is specifically designed for pouches, picking them from the transport system in tracking and place inside the empty crate previously positioned.

The work range would be Ø800 mm or Ø1200mm. This type of robot is specifically designed for high speed movements with precision and small loads.

Ulma complete solution of vertical lineUlma complete solution of vertical line