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Automation with Carton Case

Case packing line with ULMA D12H robot with carton case erector and closing machines with hot melt.

Automation with Carton Case

Top Loader

An automatic case erector machine creates an American preformed type case, or flat carton hot melted cases and delivers it to the case packing area.

The case packing robot manipulates the products, picking them from the transport accumulation system, helped by vision or any other detection system.

The case closing machine closes the cases with adhesive tape or hot melt.


Ulma Automation top loader with carton case


Wrap Around

Products arriving from the wrapping line are collated and grouped through a grouping chain device.

The product group is introduced onto a flat carton or case which has been indexed from the magazine.

Once the product group has been located on the case blank, the same blank is further indexed through the machine, folding the blank along the way and creating the wrapping of the product group with hot melt.

Robots and mechanical systems are used for the product group manipulation.

Ulma automation wrap around with carton case

Side Loading

In this situation the pre-collated wrapped products are transported to the manipulator and are pushed into the side of the case. The case or carton has been folded into a complete position on four sides before manipulation. The whole group is transported to the side loading position and inserted.

Once the product group has been inserted, the case is further indexed to be closed on the front loading area.

The adhesive tape closing station closes both side of the carton case, turning and positioning before sending it to the palletizing area.

Ulma automation side loading with carton case